Classes are available for students aged 2 - 18 years in a wide variety of disciplines including boys only classes:

GILLHAM'S Pre School Adventures - Age 3+

Our exciting Pre School programme:

Big Adventurer's - 3yrs & 4yrs

Please visit our Pre School Adventures page for full details!

Classical ISTD Ballet - Age 5+


Classical Ballet training begins with our exciting Pre Primary classes at just 5 years old and continues on with the ISTD Grades and eventually Vocational Examinations for our advanced students.


Students take one Grade class per week and in addition, a free work class to enhance their training.  This class is optional until Grade 5 but highly recommended to all students.


Pointe Work is introduced at a minimum age of 12 and each student is assessed individually by their class teachers to ensure an appropriate level both technically and physically has been reached.


IDTA Tap - Age 5+


Tap classes begin with our Pre Primary classes at just 5 years old and continues on with the IDTA Grades and eventually the ISTD Vocational Examinations for our advanced dancers. 


Tap is an excellent addition to a dancers training and an important skill to become a versatile performer.


Jazz & Commercial Street Dance - Age 4+


Our Jazz & Commercial Street Dance classes begin with our Primary 4-6 year old class and is a high energy class. Students enjoy working on the different styles of Jazz dance including Modern, Lyrical, Commercial and Broadway Jazz.  These classes are non syllabus based and the different styles offered broaden our dancers knowledge and vocabulary.


Contemporary & Technique - Age 7+


These classes are highly recommended, especially for the serious minded dancer.  These classes are non syllabus based allowing us to push students to their full potential and tailor lessons to fit the students needs.  This class incorporates body conditioning, flexibility training, kicks leaps and turns training and contemporary based choreography.  Senior Level classes are 1.5 hours in length.


Musical Theatre - Age 4+


We have a large Musical Theatre Department at the school with these classes proving a firm favourite amongst our students.  It is ideal for those who like to sing, dance and act as students learn excerpts from a broad range of Musicals whilst improving their singing and performance skills.


Boys Only Jazz & Commercial Street Dance - Age 10+


We introduced the boys project in 2014 as a way for encouraging boys to get involved in dance and performing arts.  We have a strong community of boys at the school who take this high energy class together to let off some steam in addition to other technical classes with the girls!


Acro - Age 4+


Acro has become extremely popular over the last few years and is more danced based than gymnastics.  Our classes include the Acrobatic Arts syllabus and students work on their strength, flexibility and the popular tricks and flips you see in modern choreography.


Private Singing Lessons - Age 8+


Private coaching is available to our students developing correct technique and performance in a variety of genres including Musical Theatre, Classical and Pop Music.  Audition preparation can also be included in this class increasing a students repertoire preparing them for the high standards required in a professional audition environment.


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